FIBEROCK® VHI (Very High Impact) Abuse-Resistant Interior Panels

FIBEROCK VHI (Very High Impact) Abuse-Resistant interior panels provide exceptional resistance to indentation and penetration for interior walls and ceilings in demanding applications. Strong, solid, and durable, they are designed to outperform paper-faced gypsum board, resisting denting, breaking, and puncturing—even in high-traffic areas. They install quickly and easily, scoring and snapping to size and attaching with screws or nails.

The panels contain reinforcing fiber mesh that enhances their resistance to damage. They also offer superior fire-resistance. They are made from 95-percent recycled materials, an environmentally friendly choice for sustainable building construction.

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Quick Facts

  • Fire Rated
  • Fire Class A
  • Mold Resistant
  • Abuse Resistant
  • 95% Recycled
  • Building Environments:
    • Convention/Meeting Rooms,
    • Department Stores/Boutiques,
    • Mechanical Rooms,
    • Cafeterias,
    • Grocery Stores,
    • Corridors/Hallways,
    • Garages,
    • Stairways/Elevator Shafts,
    • Patient Rooms,
    • Health and Fitness,
    • Laboratories/Operating Rooms/Imaging Rooms,
    • Classrooms,
    • Auditoriums/Gymnasiums,
    • Dormitories,
    • Mall Interior Spaces,
    • Warehouses
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